58 Funny Things to Ask Siri in iOS: Discover Siri’s Hidden Talent

Do you like to play around with Siri when you’re bored? If so, you’re not alone. Lots of people have fun asking their operating systems silly questions…and sometimes getting silly answers in return. In fact, Mac World recently did a really cute piece on “58 Funny Things to Ask Siri,” and while we can’t share all 58 things with you here, we can share some highlights of the questions we’ve seen. After we’ve shown you, make sure you actually try them for yourself because, really, just reading about these questions isn’t as much fun as actually asking them!

A Hidden Talent

Okay, okay. We have to admit that this first little tidbit we’re going to share isn’t exactly a question. It’s more like a command. Basically, if you say “beatbox” to Siri, you’re going to discover something you never knew it could do. Just try it! When you do, though, crank your volume up because, without it, you won’t get to truly enjoy the hilarity that ensues.

Are You a Part of the Illuminati?

The Illuminati, while real, is a sort of spy group that paranoid people just love to talk about. There are some people out there who truly believe everything is a government conspiracy and that “Big Brother is Watching.” Whether you believe that or not, try asking Siri if she’s part of the Illuminati. The best is when she says, “No comment,” because that’s just creepy, but depending on how you ask and how many times you ask, you might get some very different and very funny answers each time!

Where is Elvis Presley?

Like we said, people believe some pretty crazy things. One crazy thing that a lot of them believe is that long-dead musician Elvis Presley is still alive and well somewhere. Well, Siri might just believe that too. If you ask her where Elvis Presley is, you’re likely to get some pretty funny answers. People have reported her saying, “Down at the end of lonely street,” and “Graceland.” Just try it and see what she tells you- maybe you’ll actually find the real Elvis after all!

Do You Love Me?

Okay, this one is a little sad, but we’re willing to bet a lot of lonely, too technology-attached people have asked Siri this question before. Even if you’re not sad and lonely, it’s worth asking Siri this question just to see what she says. Just don’t be too offended if she says no!

What are You Wearing?

We’re not suggesting that you try and get “sexy” with Siri, cause, um…that’s just weird. However, this is definitely a fun Chicago SEO question to ask just to see what kind of a crazy response she comes up with.

As you can see, there are all kinds of wild things to ask Siri. Try out these questions or come up with some of your own; it’s sure to be a fun time no matter what!

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