Donald Drumpf


This past weekend, John Oliver, a popular HBO host of a late night political comedy, took a stab at Republican Presidential nominee hopeful, Donald Trump. Lately, in the news, Trump has been getting backlash for comments he has made during his campaign for President. John Oliver, who is known for his political comedy used his show to highlight Trump and his inconsistencies, as well as coin a term and website.


“Make Donald Drumpf Again” is what John Oliver and his writers came up with. You may be thinking, how and why they came up with “Drumpf?” It turns out that in the 1600s, one of Trump’s ancestors in Germany changed their last name from Drumpf to Trump for some reason. The comedic side of John Oliver took over and ran with the “Make Donald Drumpf Again” slogan, even creating a website and applying for the trademark. John Oliver also stated there was an application anyone can download that would turn Trump into Drumpf on your computer. The reasoning for this was not only because John Oliver believes Trump to be a terrible candidate that is full of inconsistencies but also because “Drumpf is much less magical.”


While all of this is hysterical and will definitely catch Trump’s eye at some point. It is interesting to see how dedicated Donald Trump’s supporters are. Even after everything in the news has come to light, he is still a leading candidate for the Republican nominee. Trump makes for some pretty funny reactions, which could be the reason for his success. May of his supporters say that he tells it like it is, an attribute they may respect because of the notion that past politicians seem to sugarcoat what is really happening in the world. The scary part at least in my opinion is that Trump has a very narrow view of America. Is he set up for the business side of the Presidency? Sure. He has said himself that he has taken advantage of the laws of this country when it comes to Chapter 11. This is true whether you like it or not, he is merely making a business decision by using the law granted to him. When it comes to his interaction with the general public and his societal experience, I don’t know that he is someone who can represent America in a foreign visit. His demeanor is one of an orange muppet and he is also very high on himself and arrogant. Maybe he will need to be himself in some situations when it comes to foreign affairs, however when you think about who you would want to send to China to represent America for a visit, do you think Donald Trump?

So, do we “Make Donald Drumpf Again?” I think we do. This is a funny and harmless way to help us get through the eventual doom we may encounter if Trump does get into office. I mean, Canada is even weakening its laws to allow Americans to move if Trump is president, I think that is pretty telling, we’ll see what happens.

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