*Extremely* Adult Coloring Books to Get You Into the Trend


If you know anyone who’s bought into the “adult coloring book” trend that’s possessing white girls everywhere, you’ll already have heard a lot about it by now. But most coloring books for grown-ups are essentially just more detailed and elaborate versions of the ones you had as a kid. What’s so adult about that?


For those who prefer their coloring books to be very much “adult,” you might want to crack open that box of Crayolas and get down to some NSFW coloring with a few of these:




You can learn a lot by coloring, as it turns out. Color by day, practice what you’ve learned by night. Or just keep coloring alone and exercise those hand muscles.




You’ve never seen four-letter words so beautifully illustrated. Seriously. You’ll want to frame your favorite curse word and display it in all its vulgar glory. Or hang it on your fridge like you did with your coloring book pages when you were 4. Just hide it when your mom comes over.




If you’re coloring while drunk, it seems likely that you’re drinking at home alone. But if you’re going to drink alone, it’s more fun to get completely wasted and color in your grown up coloring book rather than text your ex, right?




All men must draw. This coloring book is George R.R. Martin-sanctioned, so you just know there’ll be plenty of opportunities for you to add some extra blood, gore, and gratuitous glimpses of body parts. We like our coloring books like we like our HBO shows: with an excess of bad words, sex, and violence.




A viral Youtube comedy duo turned contributors to Comedy Central, MTV, College Humor,  the Huffington Post, The Onion and Slate, now Ryan Hunter and Taige Jensen have turned their sights to the coloring book industry. Fun adult activities include:

* 6 Steps for Compromising Your Integrity and Goals!

* “Hipster or Homeless?”

* Color the Potential Terrorists!

* Draw the person you thought you’d grow up to be before you abandoned all your hopes and dreams!


Color while you cry.




From the same publishers who produced the official Game of Thrones coloring book, now we also have an official Outlander coloring book. So you can expect more HBO and more high-quality more-than-slightly-smutty entertainment. Color away those lusy Highland thoughts, you dirty Sassenachs, you.




If your warm and innocent childhood memories of coloring aren’t already ruined; they’re about to be. There are some raunchy activities in this coloring book to make even your kinkiest friend blush.




We all have a friend who would go bonkers for this coloring book. If it combines dinosaurs with mind-altering substances, can you really blame them? Each page features interesting facts about that dinosaur… and also the device that dinosaur used to get high.

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