Funny or Die Makes a Fart Joke: The Future of Reality

Funny or Die, the website created by Will Ferrell and many other notable comedians has joined in with the rest of the 21st century’s latest craze of virtual reality and created a short for the Sundance Film Festival. The piece was titled Interrogation and debuted last week on Friday using the Samsung Studio VR. The piece stars Paul Scheer and Rob Huebel, two actors who both are well known for working on The League, a show that is on FX. It’s about two cops trying to figure out a crime, as it masquerades, as this it’s actually an elaborate fart joke!

The director is Lex Halaby who has directed The Walking Dead: A Decade of Dead and he stated that the shoot was done in only two continuous takes, because of the easy set up that the short required. There is one room and the two actors, with the viewers entering this space through the new virtual world. The actors are moving around the viewer during this piece as it all takes place in virtual reality. The way this was filmed was through a camera rigged with GoPros and additional wide angle lenses.

Realism Taking Place

In order to take a more realistic approach the camera was placed on a mannequin at around head level to make it seem like the viewers were interacting with the actors, the future was there for the viewers.  The end product surely was magnificent but not without its hard work. During a VR shoot the director cannot watch each take and the lighting has to be addressed as well. Not only that, but the many different cameras all are involved with the stitching process.

Many cameras are working in unison to make sure the entire shoot goes well and there is a lot of editing involved, a lot for an elaborate fart joke. But the medium is taking off and is going to be a staple in the production of television and comedy in the future.


An Unlikely Pair?

Virtual Reality and Funny or Die doesn’t seem to roll of the tongue at first, but it’s actually something that is working and the company thinks they will be doing a lot more of this in the future. An immersive setting gives comedy an extra edge over the competitions and makes the viewers feel as if they are there.

Virtual Reality is able to do something that can’t be done in other types of medium. The interrogation scene can be viewed by anyone who owns some sort of VR gear.  The executives at Funny or Die have explicitly stated that this will not be their only foray into virtual reality but that this will be a reoccurring phenomenon. If you are privy enough to have acquired some virtual reality gear, head on over to the Funny or Die website and check out the hilarity for yourself while being immersed in this new world.

Expect to see some more funny stuff as they keep developing more content for their loyal viewers.

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