5 Of The Top Craziest GoFundMe Stories


GoFundMe is a crowdfunding website founded in 2010 set up to allow people to raise money for all types of causes ranging from new product development, college tuitions, an emergency loan, charitable organizations and expenses related to accidents and illnesses.

For the most part, the GoFundMe postings seek money for legitimate causes.

Here are five of the craziest GoFundMe stories posted in recent years:

1. Fund to Remove Tattoo

One young woman discovered that the large tattoo of the number “420” tattooed across her forehead was making it impossible to find a job in New York City, so she posted a plea for $800 to pay for its removal.

Looking at her photo on the GoFundMe page, it’s easy to assume that 420 number refers to a code term in the cannabis world of consuming weed around 4:20 in the morning.

Enough people felt sympathy for her terrible decision to get the tattoo in the first place that she was actually able to raise more than $1000 over a few days.

2. Breakup Quarterback Russell Wilson and Girlfriend Ciara

After the Seattle Seahawks started the NFL season at 2-0, one fan decided that quarterback Russell Wilson needed to dump singer Ciara and concentrate on throwing passes on the football field instead of at her.

The GoFundMe page requested $50,000 from contributors to help drive a wedge between the two stars. The money would help jumpstart the singer’s career so she wouldn’t have time for the football star.

The campaign was deemed inappropriate and quickly removed.

3. Girls Also Need to Pee

For years, the porta-potty lines at the James Musso Boys & Girls Club in Lakeland, Florida were much too long for the facilities labeled “Women.” The boys and men seemed to have no such problem finding quick access to their portable johns.

Unable to figure out why, several girls decided the answer was to purchase more potty houses and allocate them to their fair sex. They posted a plea for $50,000 on GoFundMe to alleviate the problem.

Surprisingly. the public was sympathetic to their cause. The girls raked in $26,200 from GoFundMe donations. Though short of their goal, it enough to equal out the waiting time problem.

4. Pay for my bank overdraft fees of $900

One young man posted a plea on GoFundMe to help him pay for his accumulated $900 worth of overdraft fees from his bank. He didn’t explain how we ran up such a high number or even if his bank as still doing business with him.

He obviously thought that he’d find a sympathetic ear with the public because almost everyone had incurred an overdraft charge at least once during their life. What he didn’t realize was that no one would be willing to donate to his irresponsibility and stupidity. He raised $0 dollars.

5. I Need Booze Money!

A lot of people appear to think that needing money for liquor is a cause that people will contribute to.

One example is the GoFundMe posting for $50 with the title of “I honestly just want money.” Why? To pay a medical bill, or help his poor mom? No…because as the stated in the posting, “I’m, broke and I need some money to buy booze.”

Other than a few suggestions to join AA, his plea went unanswered.

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