How to Stop Your Husband from Snoring

Do you have a husband who keeps you up all night with his incessant snoring? Does his snoring ever make you want to kill him? If so, you’re not alone. Lots of women get fed up with the snoring slobs beside them, but fortunately there are alternatives- short of killing him to get some shut-eye- that can stop the snoring.

Slip some Vegetables Into His Diet

First off, is your husband overweight? If so, his weight could be what’s causing him to “saw logs” all night long. When people are overweight, they struggle with poor muscle tone and an excess of fatty tissue, all of which can lead to ungodly snoring at all hours of the night. If you can get your husband to eat better and drop a few pounds, even if it means slipping vegetables into his diet, you might just get him to stop snoring for good…and to look better too, which is always a plus!

Make Him Move

A lot of men only snore when they’re sleeping in certain positions. For example, many men snore when they sleep on their backs but not when they doze on their sides. It’s worth a try to see if your husband will stop snoring if you force him to change positions. Either push and shove him into a new one while he sleeps or just plain wake him up and make him move. No matter how you do it, you might end up getting him into a non-snoring position.

Hit Him

We’d be willing to bet that you’ve tried this one a time or two. And while, yes, hitting your husband is mean, so is keeping you up all night snoring. Hitting or otherwise startling him can sometimes jolt him awake and get him to naturally stop snoring once he goes back to sleep. At the very least, by the time he figures out what hit him (literally) and starts sleeping again, you might have already fallen asleep, meaning you won’t be able to hear him once he starts up again.


Just as giving your husband a good whack in the middle of the night can sometimes stop his snoring, so can yelling at him. Yes, it’s mean, but again, he has it coming. Yelling at your husband can sometimes startle him awake enough that he’ll make small, quick adjustments naturally that will end up ceasing the snoring.

Get Him to the Doctor

While a lot of our “tips” were given in jest (though there’s some truth in all of them), in all seriousness, snoring could be caused by some kind of underlying health issue, such as sleep apnea or even dental problems. If you’re actually concerned about your husband and don’t want to act all jerky and hit him or yell at him, urge him to see a doctor to determine the cause of his snoring.

There are things you can do- short of moving out or getting divorced- to help put an end to your husband’s snoring. Try these, and if they don’t work, then it may be time to find a new, non-snoring husband. Good luck with that one though because pretty much all men snore from time to time!