The Most Groan-Worthy Puns of Bob’s Burgers


Few shows have an appreciation for terrible/wonderful puns like Bob’s Burgers does. Every episode is chock full of puns. Some are borderline genius in their subtlety, some are as bad as the ones your dad could think up,  and some are clever ways to work in jokes without the censors noticing.


They’re peppered in healthily throughout the dialogue, but the puns on the sign of the vacant store next door, on the exterminator’s van, and on the Special Burger of the Day board. Those puns are practically their own character on the show, almost as worshipped as Tina (almost).


The Best of the Vacant Store Sign Puns


You know that perpetually vacant store next to Bob’s Burgers? You’ve probably noticed that with every episode a new store has moved in, each business with an equally terrible pun in its name and a very good reason why it’s been put out of business.


Here are some of the best of the best of those vacant store puns. Or worst of the worst. Both, really.


  • “Meth I Can! Methadone Clinic”

Episode: Sexy Dance Fighting

  • “Attempted Crepe French Cooking School”

Episode: Art Crawl

  • “Simply the Asbestos”

Episode: Mutiny on the Windbreaker

  • “Cane You Dig It? Candy Cane Outlet”

Episode: God Rest Ye Gentle-Mannequins (Bonus points for the secondary sign’s pun: “NO LICKY-LOOS”)

  • “That’s A-Door-A-Bell Doorbells”

Episode: Broadcast Wagstaff School News

  • “The Massagonyst Massages for Men”

Episode: Family Fracas

  • “Tandemonium: All Your Tandem Bike Needs”

Episode: A River Runs Through Bob

  • “Wolf in Cheap Clothing: Discount Pet Apparel”

Episode: My Big Fat Greek Bob

  • “Yadda Yadda Dada: Jewish Surrealist Art Gallery”

Episode: Bob and Deliver

  • “Quilty as Charged Quilt Shop” Episode: Mazel Tina
  • “Tire-Rhea”

Episode: Equestranauts (Bonus points for secondary sign: “Explosive Sale!”)

  • “Lady and the Clamp: Hardware for Her”

Episode: Adventures in Chinchilla-Sitting

  • “Shelfies: Pictures of Shelves”

Episode: The Runway Club

  • “A Sight for Sore Thighs Massage Parlor”

Episode: Eat, Spray, Linda

  • “Resisting a Rest: Sleep Therapy”

Episode: The Land Ship


The Best of the Burger of the Day Puns


The Special Burger of the Day is one of the most beloved pun series in Bob’s Burgers. They’ve even inspired a real cookbook where you can actually make the special burgers. Some of the best puns on the board correlate with the title or theme of the episode. But they’re always on-point.


Chew on these puns:

  • Say It Ain’t Cilantro Burger (Doesn’t come with cilantro… because cilantro is terrible)

Episode: Ear-sy Rider

  • The Sound & the Curry Burger

Episode: Burger Wars

  • Shake Your Honeymaker Burger (comes with honey mustard)

Episode: Synchronized Swimming

  • We’re Here We’re Gruyere, Get Used to It Burger

Episode: Bob Fires the Kids

  • Home for the Challah-Days Burgers (comes on a challah roll)

Episode: God Rest Ye Merry Gentle-Mannequins

  • Mushroom With a View Burger (porcini on a double decker)

Episode: Broadcast Wagstaff School News

  • If Looks Could Kale Burger

Episode: Moody Foodie

  • The Cauliflower’s Cumin From Inside the House Burger (comes with cauliflower & cumin)

Episode: ​Fort Night

  • Eggers Can’t Be Cheesers (with fried egg & cheese)

Episode: Nude Beach