Zoolander 2 Review

The original Zoolander came out back in 2001 and just 15 long years later, the sequel is finally out. When the original Zoolander was released, it received positive feedback, but since it has been over a decade since the sequel was finally made, can it meet the expectations of the first? I think it is safe to say Zoolander 2 was kind of a flop. Let’s explore why Zoolander 2 couldn’t compete at the box office.


Zoolander 2 Synopsis

The new film sort of leaves off where the first ended. Derek Zoolander and Hansel are pushed back into the modeling spotlight, after years of living a secluded lifestyle. When the two are invited to a fashion event in Rome, it is clear that the modeling business has changed quite a bit since they were models. At the fashion event, they run into Valentina Valencia, played by Penelope Cruz, who is a special agent in need of their help. There is someone out there who is killing famous pop stars, who are found with Derek’s famous “Blue Steel” look on their face (yes there are guest appearances by some of your favorite singers). Derek and Hansel find that they need to help save other beautiful people. https://titleloansedinburgblog.weebly.com


How Zoolander 2 connects to the original

With so many years in between the first movie and the sequel, many were left wondering how these films would connect. Because the famous pop stars were killed with Derek Zoolander’s famous model face pose, it made sense that he could help find out who was killing the pop stars. However, with just how dumb Derek Zoolander’s character is, would it really be possible they he and an old nemesis could work together to figure out “who done it”?


Original cast

One thing the sequel had going for it, was that all of the main characters were able to return to reprise their famous roles. Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Will Ferrell, and Christine Taylor seemed to pick up where their characters left off. Pair the originals with several new and popular cameos from people like Ariana Grande, Kristen Wiig, Demi Lovato, and Justin Bieber, you have a cast that people are interested in.


Box office numbers

So Zoolander 2 wasn’t the worst at the box office during opening weekend, and was able to land in the top 5. It didn’t really stand a chance with the highly anticipated Deadpool opening during the same weekend. While Deadpool had numbers in the hundred millions, Zoolander 2 only brought in just under $14 million.


Our honest opinion

Even though there were a few funny scenes that brought us back to the original, the sequel just didn’t deliver. It might have something to do with the long time in between the two films. Obviously, this movie might not appeal to the younger generations because they were too young when the original came out. Diehard fans of the original probably made up the majority of people who saw the movie during the opening weekend. Zoolander 2 is definitely a hit or miss based on your liking of the first and overall comedic preference.

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